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The objective of this site is to critically examine the claims made by Islamic apologists regarding the existence of miraculous scientific or historical knowledge in the sacred texts of Muslims. The site will also provide a compilation of all books, papers, articles, blogs, lectures and video presentations related to the many claims listed below.

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The following are a list of many of the scientific or historical claims made by Muslim apologists;

Scientific Claims
Historical Claims

The following links will feature refutations of the apologetic miracles claims that are based in science;

A.Nutfah: Sperm Cells/Zygote/DNA
B. Alaqah: Leech-like-thing
C. Mudhgah: Somites
D.Bone & Muscle Formation
E. Semen from between Ribs and Backbone

2)     The Big Bang theory
3)     Expansion of the Universe
4)     Galactic Orbit of the Sun
5)     Earth Revolves around the Sun
6)     Spherical Shape of the Earth
8)     Origin of Life in Water
10) Role of Frontal lobe in the Act of Lying
11) Barriers in the Seas
12) Darkness of the Seas
13) Internal Waves in the Seas
14) Role of Mountains
15) Layers of the Atmosphere
16) Ozone Layer; Protection of Earth from Radiation
17) Iron originates from Space
18) Iron Core of Earth
19) Water cycle; Cloud Formation
20) Ants can Talk
21) Miracle of the Honey Bee
22) Cow’s Milk made from Blood
23) Antibiotics Made from Flies
24) The Splitting of the Moon
26) Shortness of Breath at Higher Altitudes
27) Heart is an Organ of Reason

The following links will feature refutations of the apologetic miracles claims that are based in history;

1.      Miracle of the Pharaoh of Moses
2.      Distinction between Pharaoh and King
3.      Identity of Haman
4.      Victory of Romans over Persians
5.      Invasion by the Mongols


The following links will feature refutations of or responses to the variety of propaganda, misinformation & pseudoscience undertaken for the purpose of Dawah (spreading of Islam);

1.      Qur'an’s Literary Miracle / Qur'an’s Inimitibility.
2.      Mathematical Miracles & Miracles of 19
3.      Muhammad’s Illiteracy is Evidence for Qur'an’s Divine Nature
4.      Misinformation about Pre-Islamic Arabia
6.      Mecca is the center of the Earth
8.      Indian King who saw the Splitting of the Moon
9.      The words "Man" and "Woman" appear 23 times; thus 23 Pairs of Chromosomes is suggested in the Qur'an
10.  The Islamic Golden Age
13.  Muhammad in the Bible
14.  Muhammad in the Vedas (Hindu Scriptures)

Meet the Apologists

The following links will feature refutations of or responses to the various apologetic claims made my the Islamic missionaries or related figures listed below;

1.      Hamza Andreas Tzortzis
2.      Harun Yahya (aka Adnan Oktar)
3.      Zakir Naik
4.      Edip Yuksel
5.      Other Apologists

Errors in Qur’an

The following links will feature arguments made against the alleged inerrancy of the Qur’an;

1.      The False Conditional in Sura 4:82
2.      Nature of Seminal Fluid
3.      Seminal Fluid originating in the Back
4.      Creation from Blood Clots
5.      Geocentric Universe
6.      Flat Earth
7.      Sun Set in a Muddy Spring
8.      Creation of Earth
9.      Denial of Human Evolution
10.  Role of Stars
11.  Role of Mountains
12.  Inheritance Calculation

The above list will be continually expanded as new claims emerge.