Other Apologists

'Other Apologists' will catalog the various responses to or refutations of claims made by relatively uninfluential Islamic or related apologists. Those currently addressed include the following individuals;

1) Lesley Hazelton. 2) Imran ibn Mansur (aka DawahMan) 3) Nabeel al-Khalidy (aka LearnQuranicArabic) 4) Osama Abdallah 5) Nadir Ahmed 6) Adam Deen 7) Lebo2196

The topics/polemics covered are;

1) Qur'an's Esoteric/ Profound/Unique Nature
2) Science vs. Islam
3) Embryology in the Qur'an
4) Embellishing the Life of Muhammad
5) Other 'Science in the Qur'an' Claims
6) General Apologetics
7) The Meaning of Life
8) Islamic Xenophobia

I. Qur'an's Esoteric/ Profound/Unique Nature

Video Presentations

1. Klingshor's Arabian Shamans, Qur'anic Style & Sura Yusuf

Klingschor addresses the apolegetics regarding the alleged unique nature of the Qur'an.

2. Klingshor's Lesley Hazelton vs. the Qur'an: Virgins in Islamic Paradise

Klingschor responds to the following claims made by a non-Muslim & self-described theologian named Lesley Hazelton; i) Many Non-Muslims are unable to cope with or understand Qur'an's "otherness", ii) Qur'an addresses women, iii) "Old-Fashioned Orientalists" misconstrued the concept of "virgins" in the Qur'an.


II. Science vs. Islam

1) Gary Edwards' A Bad Case of  Dawahrhea

Gary Edwards examines the philosophically naive views of Imran ibn Mansur against the scientific method.

2) StopSpamming1's Have Muslims Misunderstood Evolution Conference Response Imran ibn Mansur

SS1 discusses a video made by an apologist name Imran ibn Mansur who argues against the theory of evolution and the scientific method. ibn Mansur's misogyny and misinformation about the Qur'an are also addressed.

3) Phil Harper's Evolution , Censorship & Adam Deen

Phil Harper exposes an intellectually bankrupt and heavily quote-mined article by Islamic apologist Adam Deen on the topic of the theory of evolution.
(Related videos by Phil Harper -


III. Embryology in the Qur'an

Video Presentations

1. CaptainDisguise's Osama Abdallah & the Sperm - Why do we laugh at Dawahgandists?

Articles & Blogs

1. CaptainDisguise's Objection 2 to Embryology in the Quran: Much Ado about Nothing.
(Refuting Nabeel al-Khalidy aka LearnQuranicArabic) http://captaindisguise.blogspot.com/2012/09/objection-2-to-embryology-in-quran-much.html

2. CaptainDisguise's Objection 3 to Embryology in the Quran: Much Ado about Nothing.
(Refuting Nabeel al-Khalidy aka LearnQuranicArabic)

3. CaptainDisguise's Objection 4 to Embryology in the Quran: Much Ado about Nothing.
(Refuting Nabeel al-Khalidy aka LearnQuranicArabic)

IV. Embellishing Muhammad 

Video Presentation

1. JaclynGlenn's Atheist vs. Muslim

Jaclyn Glenn point out the fallacies of Lebo2196 in his glorification of Muhammad. Jaclyn also had death threats and hate messages that she received as an ironic result of a video meant to encase Islam as a religion of peace.


V. Other 'Science in the Qur'an' Claims

Video Presentations

1. StopSpamming1's Nadir and his Barriers

2. StopSpamming1's Nadir Ahmed and Breastfeeding


VI. On General Apologetics

Video Presentations

1. TheRationalizer chats with Muslim Proselytizers. 

Articles & Blogs

1. FutileDemocracy's Poeticising Da'wah: An Atheist Critique

A critique of an internet dawah personality, Lebo2196, who use "raps" the usual (poor) arguments.

2. FreeThoughtMecca's The Nadir Ahmed Phenomenon. 2004


VII. The Meaning of Life

Video Presentations

1. GrapplingIgnorance's RE: The Meaning of Life |Muslim Spoken Word| HD

A nuanced response to Lebo2196's use of doublespeak, circular reasoning, false or unchecked presuppositions to argue the naive position that Islam alone is the answer to the most profound question of the 'meaning of life'.


VIII. Xenophobic Polemics & Sophistry

Articles & Blogs

1. Bensix's Hate It Or Love It… 2013

A summary of the hate-speech espoused by apologists like Adam Deen against Ex-Muslims

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