Western Scientists "testify" to Quran's Scientific Miracles

Article in Wall Street Journal by Pulitzer Prize winning Daniel Golden;
Western Scholars Play Key Role In Touting 'Science' of the Quran , 2002
(Free text version) http://weatheranswer.com/public/wstjournal%20012302.txt
Alfred Kroner

William Hay

00:14:59 "but clearly I think in retrospect is to try to recruit people for the Muslim, er Islam. I hate to say it but under false pretenses and that's a really serious problem"

Tom Armstrong

00:27:58 "It was an obvious exercise in their attempt to develop case for establishing a religious interpretation of nature that simply isn't justified"

Allison (Pete) Palmer

00:07:36 "but I think they were basically vetting me to see if I could be a part of this dog and pony show that we ultimately created"

Gerald Goeringer 

"Prof. Gerald Goeringer, an embryologist retired from Georgetown University, says he urged the commission to try some verification: hire an independent scholar to see whether the Quran's statements could have been taken from Aristotle, the Greek philosopher-scientist who preceded the book by nearly 1,000 years. After his request was denied, Prof. Goeringer says, he stopped going to the conferences for fear of being associated with fanaticism.

"It was mutual manipulation," he says. "We got to go places we wouldn't otherwise go to. They wanted to add some respectability to what they were publishing." ~ Daniel Golden, Western Scholars Play Key Role In Touting 'Science' of the Quran. Wall Street Journal, 2002.

Keith Moore

"As Dr. Persaud said, we don't read Arabic. The Scholars translated for us. We simply give our interpretations. We are not saying they are accurate." - Dr. Keith Moore

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