Edip Yuksel

Edip Yuksel, born in Turkey, is a professor at a Community college in Arizona, USA. He considers himself to be an intellectual. He also seems to be very proud of having written a letter by himself to the famous cosmologist, Carl Sagan in 1993. 

Yuksel is one of the few followers of the cult once led by Rashad Khalifa, whose main contribution to the world was claiming to have discovered a numerical code in the Qur'an based on the number 19. Since Rashad Khalifa's assassination in the 1990s, Edip Yuksel seems to be the leading advocate of the so called "19 Miracle in the Qur'an". 

Yuksel, along with his leader, Rashad Khalifa have been deemed as heretics or disbelievers by mainstream Muslim scholars. Khalifa's claim regarding the number 19, one which Yuksel has taken upon himself to promote, had been refuted and exposed for its misinformation by a well known and influential Salafi scholar named Bilal Philips (link to the work can be found below). Perhaps as a consequence, Edip Yuksel proposes the Quran-only version of Islam and rails against the traditional and mainstream forms of the religion.

Yuksel's strategy for promoting the alleged numerical code in the Quran seems to mostly involve gloating about himself, ambushing popular names under the guise of an interview and then delivering a monologue which is later labelled as a debate that, by Yuksel's own and only his admission, is won by himself.

Yuksel maintains the following websites;


The following is a compilation of responses to or refutations of Edip Yuksel's claims;

I. The Miracle of 19

Video Presentations

1. StopSpamming1's The Miracle of 19 in the Koran

Examining the claims by Edip YĆ¼ksel regarding mathematical miracles within the text of the Koran. SS1 shows that this letter/word/meaning counting is sheer apophenia/patternicity.


Debates & Discussions

1. The Jinn & Tonic Show: Quranism, Islam without Sunna - featuring Edip Yuksel - Dec 1st 2012

An episode of the Jinn & Tonic Show featuring Edip Yuksel and TheRationalizer, Klingschor and hosted by AlmightyAtheismo. Discusses the miracle claim regarding 19 among other topics


Books, Articles & Blogs

1. Dr. Bilal Philips' The Quran's Numerical Miracle: Hoax and Heresy

A refutation by the Muslim scholar Bilal Philips of the Islamic apologetic miracle claim regarding the number 19 touted by Rashad Khalifa and Edip Yuksel

2. Michael Shermer's 19

Michael Shermer, editor of the skeptic magazine, reflects and expounds on his interview ambushed by Edip Yuksel.


  1. Assalamu Alaikum,
    I have written a small but detailed e-book and named it as "Critical Evaluation of Rashad Khalifa, with Quran-Alone". I need your sincere support in cascading this book to all your appropriate contacts as it may wash-out my sins of preaching of deen-e-khalifa for few years, when I was in the trap of Khalifates. This small E-Book: "Critical Evaluation of Rashad Khalifa with Quran-Alone", is the result of years of data gathered interacting with people for and against Rashad Khalifa in internet forums and in real life, including my personal experience and research. Many have contributed to this book, directly and indirectly, knowingly and unknowingly.

    I want to pray for all the people, who by the grace of Allah [SWTA], helped me to open my eyes; thanks to their criticism. Actually it took me too long to realize the facts and gradually I understood what Rashad Khalifa was really about.

    I believe the “Submitter” movement that he founded will collapse if people have the courage to read and study carefully this simple book, and face the facts and pass down the information around them. I suggest everyone to print this and circulate to get the most from it.

    Couple of years before, one of my maternal uncle, who came to know that I’m in the trap of Khalifa’s group, has gone through Khalifa’s translation and originally written this as a short article and relieved me from that trap out of Allah’s Mercy.

    As the article was originally appeared only as a brief note, I developed it and elaborated it to the point ‘how it looks like now’. I worked for a long time to ensure that it not only warns the Muslim community to be careful about Khalifa’s tricky works but it also brings back the whole Khalifa’s group back to Islam, Insha Allah.

    I have also discussed with my uncle, several times during the compilation of this short book, which helped me a lot. The reason for quoting only Quran as the source of reference throughout the book is because the actual targeted group is the deviant sect–Khalifa’s group.

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  2. Edip Yuksel-Decently Exposed: Edip is trying to escape from the innocent and humble person Jawaid Ahmed, UK for a very long time! Jawaid Ahmed, UK is awaiting Edip’s reply for his questions. Here is Jawaid Ahmed’s post that has made Edip to ran away from him!:

    Edip Yuksel and 19 - Refutation
    Refutation Of Edip Yuksel's Book; Nineteen, God's Signature In Nature And Scripture.

    Rashad Khalifa [RK] told the world that he had discovered in the Quran a mathematical miracle based on the number 19; the number of chapters, words, letters, their numerical values, the sum of their numerical values etc. all have a connection to 19.

    This proves that the Quran is from Allah and no man could have produced a book with a mathematical code that was only discovered using a computer. Edip Yuksel, an associate of RK, has carried on investigating the 19 code following the murder of RK, which any right thinking human being will unreservedly condemn, especially those who use their reason and study the Quran.

    Edip has stated that RK made some mistakes with certain counts and as such he has written a book entitled Nineteen, God's Signature in Nature and Scripture, showing the correct proofs. He has written to notable persons including Carl Sagan [now deceased], and taken part in debates on the subject as well as authoring the Reformist Translation of the Quran.

    One would expect that a book consisting of 620 pages would contain all the evidence for the 19 mathematical miracle of the Quran, with solid proofs properly laid out, leaving no doubt in any clear thinking mind but, as i will clearly show, this is not the case.

    Only approximately half have any 'evidence' for 19, the rest is personal anecdotes from people who 'saw the light' of 19 and started to worship this number. I am going to comment on those points that I found of particular interest.

    Kindly visit the Source link for viewing the complete and detailed article explaining how Edip Yuksel ran away from the humble and honest arguments of Jawaid Ahmed, UK @: http://www.ourbeacon.com/cgi-bin/bbs60x/webbbs_config.pl/md/read/id/314123119218974
    Alternately Kindly visit: https://alquranalonesubmission.blogspot.in/